3.9 Final Project

It is now the time to develop a final project, which should allow you to apply most of the knowledge you have learnt so far. Ideally, this project should be connected to an area that interests you, be it professionally, creatively, and/or in terms of personal development.

This project can be seen as a development of Assignment 2., taking it further in depth and polish, and incorporating the project management techniques we have since explored. Or it can be something different.


  • Use most of the techniques learnt so far.
  • The project should be polished, and have sufficient depth. In other words, it should look and feel like a “professional”/”real world” project.
  • The project should be presented in the relevant platform. For example, if it is a website, it should be uploaded to a web server.


  • use of all the technologies mentioned,
  • use of project organization techniques such as loading external content and class creation,
  • optimization and organization of code,
  • polish and depth,
  • creativity,
  • and exploration beyond the examples given so far,

will lead to better results.

Examples / suggestions:

  1. A game,
  2. An artistic/exploratory project,
  3. A web page or a mobile service.

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