2.9 Assignment 2.

Since the previous assignment, we have covered quite a lot of techniques in Flash and AS3. It is now time to consolidate that knowledge, by developing another small project.


  • use of mouse and/or keyboard based interaction;
  • conditionals and/or for loops;
  • sound and/or video;
  • drag and drop and/or collision detection;
  • mouse position tracking and/or random values.


  • use of all the technologies mentioned,
  • with a high degree of sophistication and complexity,
  • optimization of code,
  • creativity,
  • and exploration beyond the examples given so far,

will lead to better results.

Examples / suggestions:

  1. A game, for example involving collision detection, or a memory game (could be using drag and drop) – a simple score system should be used;
  2. An artistic/exploratory project, for example using vectors and sound, and dragable elements;
  3. A prototype for a web page or a mobile service;
  4. Any of the above, or some other concept, could be thought of an early exploration towards a final project.

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