1.9 Assignment 1.

It is time now to practice the knowledge you have acquired so far, and that you create a small project from scratch using the techniques you have learnt.


  • use of mouse interaction,
  • vector drawing,
  • variables,
  • functions, and
  • text fields.


  • use of all the technologies mentioned,
  • with a high degree of sophistication and complexity,
  • optimization of code,
  • creativity,
  • and exploration beyond the examples given so far,

will lead to better results.

Examples / suggestions:

  1. Clicking on different shapes brings out different combinations of words in different text fields;
  2. Clicking on different shapes performs different mathematical operations, similarly to a calculator, and the result is output in a text field;
  3. Rolling over different areas of the screen makes certain things disappear, some shapes are more benign than others and give you a higher score, similarly to a “mine field” game. A text field could be used to track the score.

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